Friday, November 20, 2009 Focuses on Abuse Crimes

There are many websites that provide legal information to consumers and professionals. While one with a great domain name -- -- is expanding, its staff contemplates how to educate too.

Their cause: reduction of personal physical abuse, and celebration of heroes who oppose violence.

Over the past few weeks, some of those staff members, like Nick Fox and Dominic
Sebahia, contacted me about their organization, its mission to educate the public about laws generally, and their proposed initiative against violence, beginning with child abuse prevention.

This group intends to address its audiences of lawyers, law students, and consumers through companion websites, now in development.

On a Friday afternoon a few weeks ago, through the Internet magic of Skype software and his laptop's web cam, Dominic spontaneously took me on an audio-visual walking tour of the offices in Mahwah, New Jersey. He introduced me to many of the staffers, who worked at their keyboards and monitors. They seem to be a dedicated, grounded, and even fun-loving group.

This is their posted statement of purpose:

Here at we are extremely dedicated to stop crime and award heroes. is a firm believer in providing the public with a free flow of information, especially, in the area of crime prevention. does not only work closely, but also supports the top organizations around the world.

Our goals are to keep the public informed, provide the most updated information on current issues, supply crime prevention solutions, and make sure we help make this world a safer place. We want to help protect and serve all people in today's society. will reward the good and help stop the bad, one crime at a time.* * *

A theme that resonates through the website of is "justice." The filtered news accounts tell stories about physical assaults, sexual mistreatment, criminal verdicts, court sentences, incarcerations, and the like.

Skimming the stories causes me to react with sadness that such violence and mistreatment occurs. Many victims become dysfunctional adults who perpetuate a cycle of violence victimizing helpless others, usually family members very young or very old.

So, I support their efforts to create an educational legal website that illuminates efforts to contain or to curtail, such destructive personal violence.

I asked them to provide me with a quick summary of their focus and plans. Numer F. Najja sent me this, with consent to repost.

For the past few weeks, has been in the middle of a campaign to help child abuse in any way that we can.

We have been working with several different organizations and people that are very dedicated to this cause, with attorney Neil Hendershot being one of our top allies.

In these recent weeks, we have been providing our readers with the latest legal news regarding child abuse. There are links to blogs that are maintained by child abuse prevention organizations and survivors that have shared their stories in our Blogs for Justice section, and quite a few child advocacy and anti-violence group profiles can be found in the Organizations for Justice section.

To make sure that children know what to do when they find themselves in a situation where they are being abused by an adult, or if anybody witnesses violence against a child, Laws has provided child abuse hotlines for every state in the United States of America in our Report Crime section.

It is very important that people know what constitutes child abuse and the repercussions for violations. That is why we have provided information about child abuse law for people that may be unfamiliar with that type of legislation. This information can be found in the Laws section on our website.

We will be continuing to do what we can for the children and anybody else that may need our help, and we hope to keep working with our good friend Neil Hendershot in the future.

I acknowledge the great harms created in child abuse. However, my focus remains on elder abuse.

So I offered to provide reputable online resource links and some material regarding elder abuse to the folks at They responded with eager anticipation that their website could be so expanded.

Nothing good ever comes of violence.

-- Martin Luther (quoted on ThinkExist)

German priest & scholar (1483-1546)
who initiated the Protestant Reformation