Monday, August 31, 2009

How I Survived My Summer Vacation

I have not posted on this Blog since July 20th, because I could not. Two days later, while on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, I experienced a sudden and severe accident in the surf that resulted in emergency spinal surgery at the University of Maryland's "R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center", in Baltimore. Since July 30th, I've been recovering at home.

The surgeon, Dr. Bizhan Aarabi and his associates, assure me that I should attain a full recovery, perhaps even enjoy better health than before the accident. This requires, however, that I continue to wear a protective cervical collar for another two months.

While so many politicians and patients lately question or criticize our health care system, I am one fortunate patient who was restored through it; and I am grateful.

On August 17, I sent an e-mail message to some folks, and I expressed this gratitude:

My 58th birthday was yesterday. It was very special. The present given to me was a new lease on life. I give thanks to G-D for my salvation & restoration into life here; to my wife, children, & siblings for their combined sacrifices & support at the Center and here at home; to the medical professionals and the insurance carrier for their care provisions; to the Firm and my co-workers for their understanding, faith, expectations, and support; and to my clients and friends, who have responded so caringly.
To my "biography" I can now add the comment "trauma survivor." I am one of the luckiest ones. I shall not forget the others.

Recently I joined online, as a "trauma survivor," the Trauma Survivors Network co-sponsored by three regional specialized trauma centers, as conceived by the Cowley Center in Baltimore.
The Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) is a community of patients and families who are looking to connect with one another and rebuild their lives after a serious injury.

The American Trauma Society (ATS), the leading organization advocating for the injured and their families, in partnership with hospitals around the country, is committed to growing the TSN by providing the programs and resources patients and families tell us they need to manage their recovery and improve their lives.

The underlying goal in all of these programs and resources is helping trauma patients and their families connect and rebuild their lives following a serious injury.
Now, I feel strong enough to resume some work efforts, including resumption of periodic postings to this Blog.

Future postings likely will include more consideration of catastrophic medical conditions, such as the one that touched me. None of us is immune from an accident that would radically alter our life; and none of us should forget those whose lives have been so altered.