Monday, March 04, 2013

PBA RPPT Section Newsletter, Winter 2013

The Winter, 2013 Newsletter (Issue No. 72) of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section, of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, was published on February 28, 2013, and will be mailed to members in printed form.  It will be available to the public in PDF format for a limited two-week period through a link to the PBA's website.

A recent email from the PBA to members noted the availability of this Newsletter (24 pages), among a few other section newsletters recently published:
PBA Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section: Newsletter, Winter 2013 – Includes "Estate and Trust Tax Changes for 2013," "Inheritance Tax Return Correction Procedures Clarified," "New Law for Disposing of Abandoned Personal Property Left by the Tenant at the Leased Premises"
This is the index to the Newsletter:
Both "dirt" (Real Property Law Division) and "death" (Probate & Trust Law Division) lawyers in Pennsylvania can benefit by reading the articles in this issue.

A vibrant and committed new team of editors, drawn from both Divisions, worked on this issue.

Two key PBA staff members continue to oversee publication efforts at the PBA.  Amy Kenn, who worked on the Newsletter years ago and who recently resumed involvement following the birth of her daughter, and Michael Shatto, who remains the RPPT Section's liaison after so many years, assure smooth functioning in its production.

My good friend and fellow Section volunteer, Mark B. Hammond, Esq., of Chambersburg, PA, officially "retired" as an editor from production of the Newsletter last year.  Both the Section's leadership in the Chair's Report, and me personally here, thank Mark for his years of services on many issues of the Newsletter.  

After continuous involvement in the Newsletter since 1978, I transitioned into a new role as "Editor at Large", with intention of further contributions as I can be helpful.

After thirty-five years, the Newsletter, to me, is like my grown child, not needing me as much, but still a source of tremendous joy and pride in the fulfillment of its dual purposes:  Disseminating information and facilitating connections for lawyers who are involved in these two areas of law practice in Pennsylvania.