Monday, August 22, 2011

PBA RPPT Summer, 2011 Newsletter Issued

Last week, the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association published and mailed to each Section member the Summer, 2011 issue (No. 69) of its Newsletter.  It is available publicly, free, online in PDF format "for a limited time" at the link at the end of this posting; but, after that short time expires, it will be available only to members.

The Newsletter is 60 pages long, and contains well-written, timely articles and updates.

This is the table of contents:
  • Report of the Section Chair, by Bridget M. Whitley
  • Report of the Probate and Trust Law Division, by Bridget M. Whitley
  • Article, The Endangered Species List now includes Pa. Private Road Act: Follow up on In Re: O'Reilly (II), by Ronald M. Friedman
  • Article, Collaborative law:  Will it Work in Your Practice?, by Lea Anderson & Paula Hopkins
  • Article, Litigating a "No-Contest" Clause, by Adam T. Gusdorff
  • Article, Dealing with Property Left at the Leased Premises at the End of a Lease Term: A Practical Approach, by Ronald M. Friedman
  • Article, Pa. Enacts Legislation Prohibiting Private Transfer Fees, by Arnold B. Kogan
  • Article, Using Mediation to Resolve Disputes in your Community Association while Improving its Bottom Line, by James A. Rosenstein & Gary A. Krimstock
  • Article, The Year in Review: 2010 Real Property Case Law, by Frank Kosir, Jr.
  • Article, Powers of Attorney and Third Party Liability, by Bridget M. Whitley
  • Article, Bibliography of Articles, Attorneys-General Opinions, Etc. in the Fiduciary Reporter 1st & 2d Series (1952-2010), by Joel Fishman & Cynthia D. Buckholt
  • Article, Recent Developments: Probate and Trust Law, by Cythia K. Rarig
  • Update, Summer 2011 Legislative Update, by Steven B. Loux
  • Update, Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section Leadership
I serve as the Executive Editor of the PBA RPPT Section's Newsletter.  The Summer 2011 issue is as good as any in the 33 years that I have edited it.

Kudos and thanks go out to each contributor, and also to Mark B. Hammond, of Chambersburg, PA, as the Editorial Assistant who worked diligently to assemble it, and to Amy Kenn, as the Staff Editor at the Pennsylvania Bar Association who framed and sent it for publication.

For that "limited time", find this issue online here.  After that offer expires, please consider joining the Section if you are already a PBA member.