Thursday, January 24, 2008

USLaw Website Lists Law Blogs

In mid-January, 2008, updated its listing of law blogs, which are categorized by topic or jurisdiction, as a public consumer legal resource.

USLaw describes itself as follows: is a leading online provider of legal information. Since 1999 the site has catered to consumers of online legal information with particular emphasis on individuals and small businesses. We also provide online marketing services to law firms and small practitioners including websites, blogs, and lead generation. * * *
USLaw's blog list includes the topics of "Elder Law" (3 blogs) and "Taxation & Estate Planning" (8 blogs), among other practice areas.

PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog is listed under the Elder Law heading, along with David Goldman's Florida Estate Planning Lawyer Blog and Professor Kim Dayton's Elder Law Blog (part of the Law Profs Blog Network). The web page for each blog lists prior posts by title and date, indexed in alphabetical order, not in chronological order, which is customary on other sites containing "feeds" from blogs.

USLaw's topical catalogs of blogs joins similar listings recently released, updated, or highlighted online. See:
PA EE&F Law Blog postings:
Such internet legal resource lists are growing, and also converging in their inventories of links.

A milestone was passed earlier this week by one legal blog -- this PA EE&F Law Blog.

The site counter that I installed in September, 2006, as offered free by
StatCounter, reported to me on Monday that this site has surpassed 100,000 hits by viewers. In the mass market of general interest blogs, that number is minimal; but in the niche market of legal blogs, it is respectable.

That makes me proud, and motivates me to continue posting. Thank you.