Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PBA RPPT Section Newsletter Issued

The most recent issue of the Newsletter of the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section, designated as a "Fall 2007" issue is in the printing process and soon will be mailed to Section Members.

Also, a PDF, two-color, counterpart of the Newsletter soon will be available to Section members on the website of the PBA.

This most recent issue continues the traditional semi-annual (Spring-Fall) issuance of a newsletter by the PBA RPPT Section. It is designated as Issue No. 64, reflecting thirty-two years of continuous Newsletter production by the Section.

This is a long issue (64 pages), with much information, as evidenced by its Table of Contents:

Section Report From the Chair (p. 1)
Real Property Division (p. 2)


Recent Legislation (p. 4)


Pa. Probate, Estates and Fiduciary Code Revisions Proposed (p. 10)
The Doctrine of Necessaries (p. 12)
PBI Published Elder Law in Pennsylvania, Second Ed. (p. 14)
Procedures for Medical Decisions in a Hospice (p. 15)
West Offers Free Access to Pa’s Statutes Online (p. 17)
I Bequeath My Machine Gun To (p. 18)
Hot Property of the Dead (p. 20)
Victim of Identity Theft May Profit from Purchase of Property (p. 22)
Preneed Funeral Contracts in Pennsylvania (p. 23)


RPPT Section Listservs (p. 25)
Probate & Trust Law from the Listserv (p. 28)


Mortgage Foreclosure Where Owner Died (p. 51)


Real Property Law from the Listserv (p. 52)
RPPT Section Leadership (p. 61)
RPPT Committee List (p. 61)
Upcoming Courses from PBI (p. 63)
Articles appearing in this issue of the Newsletter on page 10, page 14, page 17, page 18, page 20, page 23, & page 51 were drawn from previous postings on this PA EE&F Law Blog, as edited to appear in print.

I am pleased to contribute to the Newsletter in this fashion, since I serve as the Newsletter's Executive Editor. This is my twenty-fifth (25th!) year in continuous service as an editor of this Newsletter.

Mark B. Hammond, Esq., of Chambersburg, a stalwart member of our Section, serves as Editorial Assistant, and our teammate. Actually, he acts as head driver (like, with a whip!). Thank you, Mark.

According to the PBA Publications Staff Editor, Patricia Graybill -- who is responsible for layout & publication of the Newsletter (and has been for the past many years) -- the printed copies of the Newsletter should be mailed later this week to all current Section members. Thank you, Patricia.

This will please our Section's leaders, including our Section's Chair, David Schwager, who has been . . . waiting . . . patiently . . . for . . . this day. Thank you, David.

And thanks to all who contributed to this issue of the Newsletter!

Upon the mailing of the printed copies, that PDF version of the Newsletter will be posted by Patricia into the Member's Only area of the PBA website along with prior issues.

This issue of the Newsletter also may be made available "for a limited time" publicly on PBA's website. If so, I'll update this posting.

We invite members of the Section, and others too, to contribute articles for future issues. It is a worthwhile process to write an article, and a proud moment when you see your words in print.

UPDATE: 01/29/08:

The Fall, 2007 issue of the PBA RPPT Section Newsletter is now available for the limited period of approximately one week -- until Monday, February 4th, at this link:
Latest Newsletter - limited time access only.

UPDATE: 02/05/08:

The limited period for free access to this issue of the Newsletter has expired. If you are a PBA member, please consider joining the Section.