Friday, August 03, 2007

ABA Adds Law Blawgs List & Feeds

The American Bar Association now lists, on its home page, a link to "more than 1,000 legal blogs". Clicking it takes you to its American Bar Association Journal website, where you can find a comprehensive list of blawgs (or "blogs", as I say it) related to specialized legal topics or law practice management.

Of the dozens of classifications, those most related to the subject matter of this Blog would include: Elder Law (13); Tax Law (20); and Trusts & Estates (36). This Blog is included in two of those listings (the numbers indicate the total blogs listed); but it is not indexed under Tax Law.

Instead, based upon some review of past content, it is presently classified under these labels:
Elder LawTrusts & EstatesStatesPennsylvania and •Solo / Small Firm.

On a separate page devoted to each listed blog, the
ABA Journal staff summarizes the blog's purpose and its author's information. For example, the ABA Journal's summary page for the PA EE&F Law Blog is found here. However, I cannot see a direct link to the home page of a blog on the ABA Journal's summary page for it.

Also on its summary page is a chronological listing of recent postings made on that blog, along with text from the first few lines of the posting, as automatically provided by the "RSS" ("Really Simple Syndication") feed. Those
individual postings can be accessed on the blog from the summary page.

Within each category, the
ABA Journal lists rank the blogs by popularity "based on the number of times our readers have visited our descriptions of these blawgs." I don't know how data for such ranking could be derived reliably. So don't dismiss a blog found farther down on the list or favor only those at the top of the list.

On the list of
Trusts & Estates blogs, the PA EE&F Law Blog presently is ranked at position 6 of 36; and on the list of Elder Law blogs, it is ranked at position 5 of 13. But, on both lists, I beat myself!

PA HealthCare DecisionMaking website -- which I don't really consider a "blog" -- was listed as No. 4 of 36 on the "Trusts & Estates" list, and as No. 4 of 13 on the "Elder Law" list. The ABA Journal describes it here.

Interestingly, the sitemeter on the PA HC DM site does not reveal to me activity exceeding that on this Blog. Yet, given this attention, I resolve to make more "postings" & updates on PA HC DM, and I will add "labels" too.

There are other listings of law-related blogs on the subject areas of elder law, estate planning, & fiduciary administration.

A word of caution: Beware the "canned" blog, which really is an advertisement, even if disguised as an "info-mercial". The blogs listed in the ABA Journal's categories are not "canned".

Now, as to the writing of this Blog next week, I must apologize in advance. I may not make postings while I take
a one-week vacation "down the 'shore" in New Jersey. I may not post again until after August 10th. . . . unless I find a high-speed connection somewhere.

If you feel depressed in my absence (yea, right) . . . read some other blogs, or the archives.

Update: 08/14/07:

I should go on vacation more often.

During my absence last week, this PA EE&F Law Blog moved ahead of the PA HealthCare DecisionMaking website to No. 2 on the Elder Law list, and to No. 1 on the Trusts & Estates list. [Further update: On August 16, 2007 (my birthday), it was No. 1 on both lists.]

I'm sure it had something to do with the links that I included in this post. Still, I'll remember this fondly when the rankings change.

And the rankings will change. I learned that from Billy Joel, who wrote & sang "The Entertainer".

Update: 08/22/07:

Dierdre R. Wheatley-Liss, Esq., of Parsippany, N.J.
, who authors the "You and Yours" Blawg noted my posting in her entry, dated August 5, 2007:

ABA Webite adds Blawg Directory - Must Bookmark

The PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog tipped me off that "The American Bar Association now lists, on its home page, a link to "more than 1,000 legal blogs".

This is a must bookmark site. * * *