Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Estate Planning & Elder Law Blogs

New or revitalized blogs, authored by attorneys in various states, focus on subjects of elder law, personal & estate planning, incapacity issues, estate & trust law, long-term care & Medicaid planning, and related matters.

This expansion is reflected in the gradually lengthening list of active "Notable Legal Blogs" that I maintain in the right sidebar of this blog, published by knowledgeable legal authors in various jurisdictions.

Most blogs on that list have been active for more than a year. Their authors demonstrate passion, professional expertise, & persistence long-term.

Those stalwart "bloggers" have been joined by new blog authors, whose sites I recently added to my list:

  • Nolo's Everyday Estate Planning Blog -- This blog began in September, 2007, and recently resumed regular updates with well-written postings on relevant estate planning topics, like reverse mortgages, pet trusts, reproductive technology, environmentally-friendly funeral arrangements, and more. It is connected with the well-known, commercial, "self-help" legal publisher (print, online, & software), Nolo Press, of California.
  • Michigan Elder Law & Estate Planning -- In Michigan, Attorney Jerry Bartholomew upgraded his new blog into a redesigned "version 2.0". He began his original "blogroll" with two links -- one to David Goldman's Florida Estate Planning Blog, and one to this PA EE&F Law Blog. I am sure that he will add many more to his list. He provided an update in his email message to me recently: "I have nearly completed the transition to the new webpage. * * * Thanks again for your encouragement."
  • GeriLaw, originating in Phoenix, Arizona, is edited by Robert B. Fleming, Esq., of Fleming & Curti, PLC -- a law firm that pioneered, years ago, periodic electronic emailing of elder law updates for a national audience. On the blog that evolved last year, various contributors post on topics of "elder law, estate planning, guardianship and conservatorship, long-term care planning, special needs trust and planning, [and] trust administration". Its "blogroll" includes this Blog.
  • Since January, 2007, Kenneth Vercammen, Esq., has written periodically on his New Jersey Elder Law blog.
Just as such specialized legal blogs increase, so do legal blogs generally, and also the online lists of legal blogs. For some lists of blogs related to the subject matter of this one, see: PA EE&F Law Blog postings featuring them:
Now, lest you think that blogging brings Nirvana, reveals the Holy Grail, or transfers Aladdin's Enchanted Lamp, consider this question, posed & then contemplated on February 29, 2008, in a posting by big-law bloggers Jim Beck (Philadelphia) & Mark Herrman (Chicago), who author the Drug & Device Law blog: "Why Are Blogs Undervalued?"