Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"One Life to Live" Plot Unwinds

According to the Miami Herald in its summary of plot lines for Friday, October 20, 2006, for various television "soap operas", personal & estate planning documents featured prominently in that day's plot of "One Life to Live".

See if you can find them & figure out how:

When Asa asked about Spencer's mother, Emma, Spencer said Asa had broken her heart. David got Spencer to admit Asa is Spencer's father (Emma was involved with Asa before she married David's father). Spencer refused to give David his power of attorney and said he was leaving his assets to ''Hugh'' (he doesn't know Hugh is dead). At his court hearing, Spencer stunned the Buchanan clan by announcing he is Asa's son. As prosecutor, Nora made a case against Spencer, who will stand trial. Spencer thinks he'll beat the charges against him. Bo and Kevin wondered if Spencer told the truth about being Asa's son. David ''helped Hugh'' (John) sign power-of-attorney papers. Hugh (John) tried to talk to Bo. Before finalizing their adoption of Tommy, Marcie and Michael learned the baby's ''birth parents'' had actually adopted the boy. Blair was upset to hear Todd tell Evangeline he and Blair aren't together.
If you need to the assistance of a "family tree" go here.

I think that there are some domestic law issues emerging from that plot too.

* * *

Update on 10/25/06:

After posting this entry, I sent an email message identifying it to Prof. Gerry Beyer, who authors the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog.

He took the "soap opera" idea to the next level. In a posting found here, titled "The Soap Opera - Estate Planning Interface", he enthusiastically suggests: "Perhaps an entire show could be designed around estate planning concerns and be named All My Decedents, As the World Ends, The Bold and the Decaying, Days of Our Demise, General Morgue, Going into the Light, One Life to Die, or The Old in the Rest Homes."

I know something about the new Retirement Living network. I mentioned it here. Now I gotta get to those producers before Gerry does!