Sunday, September 10, 2006

Comcast Airs "Retirement Living" Show from New TV Network for Seniors

On September 5, 2006, at noon, Comcast, a prominent national cable television network, began broadcasting epidsodes of "Retirement Living TV: The Voice", derived from a new television network.

The show is described as follows:

The Voice will be the sounding ground for entertainment and information for the senior community. With personal testimonies and a team of experts, spend an hour with us as we tackle the hard issues, engage in provocative dialogue and inform our TV viewing audience about our underserved target audience, the mature adult . . . a refreshing change to being young!
According to an article posted September 7, 2006, in the Senior Journal, found online here:
Retirement Living is a new cable television venture created by retirement community developer John Erickson that will be made available on the Comcast Network, in New England and Mid-Atlantic states. It will also provide simultaneous webcasts at A nationwide rollout of the network is still expected later this year.
An original announcement about Retirement TV was posted by the Senior Journal in July, 2006. That release indicated that the programming would target people 62 and older. The latest release, however, says the targeted age is 55 and older.

Erickson's online newsletter, Retirement Living,
describes the new network in a press release issued September 6, 2006, as follows:
COLUMBIA, MD – Retirement Living, a new cable television venture designed specifically for people 55 and older, began airing daily yesterday, September 5. You can see Retirement Living Monday thru Friday on CN8, The Comcast Network, from 12 noon to 4 p.m., EST. CN8 is the nation's leading regional cable network serving more than 9 million Comcast Cable homes in 12 states and 20 television markets, stretching from Maine to Virginia, and Washington D.C
Why is Retirement Living programming necessary? Because there are currently 67 million people age 55 and over in the United States and there will be 116 million by the year 2035. No other demographic will grow at this rate, according to news reports.

"To date, there is no national television network that specifically delivers to this group," says Mel Tansill, Senior Director of Public Affairs for Erickson Retirement Communities.

* * * "Retirement Living will help to redefine the future of cable television," says Tansill.
Press releases indicate that programming will focus on: The "Art of Living", describing the creative lives that older Americans lead as artists, athletes, and leaders; Personal control of health care; Social issues important to older Americans; Specific Congressional issues for retiree's consideration in elections, such as Medicare, prescription drugs and Social Security; Wellness in areas of personal fulfillment, health, and relationships; and other shows "focusing on personal finance, travel, cooking, and fitness, specifically aimed at retirees."

The new network's website is:

Update: 02/03/07:

On February 2, 2007, an article reported that the "Retirement Living" TV network should be available in the Detroit area by June, 2007. See: Tune-in: 'Retirement Living' will soon become "must see TV", by Tracy Mishler.