Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For Law Students Only: Teaching of W&T for the Bar Exam

Professor Gerry Beyer, moderator of the "Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog" posted a message on September 10, 2006, giving a link for a four-minute video that demonstrates a very distinctive method of teaching law students about the topic of wills and trusts in preparation for their bar examination.

Wills & Trusts -- Bar Review Style?

Lauren, a 2005 Seton Hall graduate, has posted a video called Barbri on her MySpace.com page which mocks a Wills & Trusts bar review lecture. You may find it and the teaching techniques it suggests amusing.

Special thanks to Amanda Galbraith for bringing this video to my attention.
The original posting of the video was made July 20, 2006. It is hilarious, although a bit "off color".

Update: 05/22/07:

The original posting location was removed, but the same parody video was reposted on February 14, 2007, on YouTube under the heading
"Barbri Video -- The Virginia Law Libel Show".