Monday, November 10, 2008

"Last Will" Movie Now in Production

"Tatum O'Neal, Tom Berenger and James Brolin will face deception, corruption and misguided family loyalties" in the independently-produced, suspense dramatic film "Last Will," which is presently in production.

For information about the film to be released in 2009, see: Last Will, posted by the Internet Movie Database.

The article "
Trio fight for estate in 'Last Will' -- Tatum O'Neal, Tom Berenger, James Brolin join drama" (10/31/08) by Gregg Goldstein, posted by The Hollywood Reporter, described the movie's plot:

"Will" centers on Hayden (O'Neal), a woman framed for the murder of her wealthy husband (Berenger) in their affluent Midwestern town.

With all evidence stacked against her, she's arrested by a detective (Brolin) and begins a quest to uncover the truth.
Another posted article, "Production Begins On 'Last Will'" (10/31/08) posted by News Guide, expands upon that plot line:
In LAST WILL, a beautiful young woman Hayden (TATUM O'NEAL) is framed for the murder of her wealthy husband Frank (TOM BERENGER).

With all the evidence stacked against her, Detective Sloan (JAMES BROLIN) arrests her and Hayden finds herself in the fight of her life as she tries to uncover the truth.

Set against the backdrop of a wealthy Midwestern city, LAST WILL tells a story of deception, corruption and misguided family loyalties. * * *
Last Will is in the "shooting" stage, on location, according to that article:
Shooting began in Kansas City, Missouri on October 27 [2008] under the direction of Brent Huff (CAT CITY, WELCOME TO PARADISE), the actor/writer/director who's bringing his latest project to his native Missouri.

Huff directs from a screenplay by Alan Moscowitz. The film is produced by Irmgard Pagan and executive produced by Miguel Pagan for Moviecid. * * *

The behind the scenes creative team includes cinematographer Andrew Huebscher (Sundance Festival entries IN THE MORNING, SWALLOW), production designer Lori Mazuer (CAT CITY), and costume designer Jayme Bohn (NIGHT TRAIN, WELCOME TO PARADISE).

LAST WILL shoots at over 20 locations in the Kansas City area before wrapping at the end of November [2008].
An exact release date for the movie is not specified.

Thus, if you want to watch a movie with "last will" in the title during the near future, you will be limited to existing movies, like:

Well, maybe you could skip the last one, if you anticipate a dull, but critical crowd for "movie night" at home.