Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Phila Bar Assn's "Probate & Trust" Newsletters

The Section on Probate and Trust Law of the Philadelphia Bar Association has posted online, publicly, the most recent issue of its tri-annual membership publication -- its Newsletter (No. 120, April 2008) (PDF, 675 KB, 20 pages), as edited by Robert H. Louis, Esq.

The most recent issue contains these articles & updates:

  • Report of the Chair, by Kevin P. Gilboy, Esq.
  • Derivatives, Bear Markets and Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, by David A. Ruben, Esq.
  • Case Note: The Orphans’ Court Declines to Rule on the Validity of a Change in the Beneficiary Designation of an Annuity, by Margaret Spaziani, Esq.
  • Case Note: Abrams Estate, 27 Pa. Fiduc. Rep. 2d 512 (Bucks Co. 2007), by Kathryn H. Crary, Esq.
  • A Note on Resources for Retirement Issues
  • Book Review: The Number -- A Completely Different Way to Think About the Rest of Your Life, by Lee Eisenberg, as reviewed by Robert H. Louis, Esq.
  • Private Letter Ruling on IRA Distributions
  • Joint Committee on Taxation Reports
  • 2008 Estate Planning and Benefits Numbers
  • Ethics Column: The business agent of a well-know entertainer has asked you to handle the entertainer’s estate planning, but advises that all communications with the entertainer must go through him. Should you accept that arrangement?, by Paul C. Heintz, Esq.
  • Tax Update, by Joan Agran, Esq.
  • Section 529 Plan Gifts in the Year of Death, by Kevin P. Gilboy, Esq.
I last noted issuance of a newsletter by this large, prominent, local bar association's practice section in a posting one year ago. See: PA EE&F Law Blog posting "Spring 2007 Probate Newsletter from Philadelphia" (05/10/07).

In the interim, that Section had issued two other member newsletters in September, 2007, and in December, 2007. Since both are excellent, I note their contents too.

September, 2007 (No. 118) Probate & Trust Law Section Newsletter
(PDF, 805 KB, 34 pages):
  • Report of the Chair, by Kathleen A. Stephenson, Esq.
  • Changes in Charitable Donation Rules, by Matthew S. Wilcox, Esq.
  • Recent Cases
  • What Every Pennsylvania Lawyer Needs to Know about the New Jersey Real Estate Tax, by Glenn A. Henkel, Esq.
  • Standing to Enforce a Charitable Trust, by Gil A. Nusbaum, Esq.
  • The New Representation Law under Pennsylvania’s Uniform Trust Act, by Karen A. Fahrner, Esq.
  • Ethics Matrix 2007 --The latest codes of conduct for wealth managers and estate planners of all stripes
  • Ethics Column: Question: May an attorney release a copy of a deceased client’s estate planning documents, prior to the appointment of a personal representative, in an effort to prevent a Will contest?, by Paul C. Heintz, Esq.
  • Tax Update, by Joan Agran, Esq.
December, 2007 (No. 119) Probate & Trust Law Section Newsletter (PDF, 682 KB, 25 pages):
  • Report of the Chair, by Kathleen A. Stephenson, Esq.
  • What is Elder Law, by Keelin S. Barry, Esq.
  • Estate Appraising: An Individual or Team Effort?, by Matthew S. Wilcox, Esq.
  • Practice Tip: How to prevent a capacity challenge when a testator disinherits someone?
  • Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code: Compliance Issues Update Regarding Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation, by Matthew I. Whitehorn, Esq.
  • Issues in Family Succession from Second to Third Generation, by Peter White & Gregory Dienna, CFA
  • Alternative Investments and the Prudent Investor Act, by David A. Ruben, Esq.
  • Taxation Committee Meeting – October 2007, by Jill R. Fowler, Esq.
  • Re: Willing Seller, by Frederick C. Bertsch III, MBA
  • 2007 Committee Reports:
    • Education Committee, by Karen M. Stockmal, Esq., Chair
    • Elder Law Committee, by Keelin S. Barry, Esq. & Rise Newman, Esq., Co-Chairs
    • Publications Committee, by Robert H. Louis, Esq., Chair
    • Legislative Committee, by Thomas O. Hiscott, Esq., Chair
    • Orphans’ Court Litigation and Dispute Resolution Committee, by Timothy J. Holman, Esq., Chair
    • Rules and Practice Committee, by Nina B. Stryker, Esq., Chair
    • Taxation Committee, by Jill R. Fowler, Esq., Chair
  • Ethics Column: What are the ethical obligations of a lawyer who retains a client’s Power of Attorney?, by Paul C. Heintz, Esq.
  • Tax Update, by Joan Agran, Esq.
  • Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County Orphans’ Court Division 2008 Calendar
The Philadelphia Bar Association's Probate & Trust Law Section has posted its Newsletters for the past six years (back to April, 2002). That Section also has compiled useful web links for practitioners. See: Probate & Trust Law Resources.

These Section Newsletters offer tremendous guidance for trust & estate lawyers, and for many other professionals involved with estate planning or fiduciary administration. Check 'em out, for free.