Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring 2007 Probate Newsletter from Philadelphia

The Section on Probate and Trust Law of the Philadelphia Bar Association issued its Spring, 2007 "Probate & Trust Law Newsletter" a month ago, in April. This latest issue (34 pages, PDF) is available online through a link.

That attorney practice section -- one component of the largest county bar association in Pennsylvania -- is described on the
Philadelphia Bar Association's website, as follows:

The Association's Probate and Trust Law Section is charged with promoting the objectives of the Association and with improving justice in the probate and trust law areas. Section members are invited to quarterly luncheons and other organized events featuring continuing legal education opportunities.

Members receive articles and updates about probate, trust and other related areas of the law, as well as of proceedings in the Orphans' Courts of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, in the Section's quarterly Probate & Trust Law Section Newsletter.

The Section maintains standing committees focusing on education, elderlaw, legislation, office procedures and technology, publications, public service, rules and practice, and taxation which are geared toward helping section members maximize their professional skills.
This issue of the Section's Newsletter offers detailed, well-researched articles & updates on a broad range of topics -- not all limited to practice in Philadelphia County -- that reflect well the high practice standards of those "Philadelphia lawyers" who publish it.

These are the articles published in Issue No. 117 of that Section's
Newsletter (Spring, 2007):
  • "Report of the Chair", by Kathleen A. Stephenson, of Pepper Hamilton, LLC
  • "Delaware Asset Protection Trusts", by Daniel F. Lindley, President of the Northern Trust Company of Delaware
  • "Family Ties", by G. Scott Budge, Ph. D.
  • "The Use of Formulas to Establish Value", by Frederick C. Bertsch, III, MBA, ASA, President of F.C. Bertsch & Company, Inc.
  • "Warming Up to HEETS", by JPMorgan Private Bank
  • "An Estate Planning Glossary", by Blanche Lark Christerson, of Deutsche Bank
  • "From the Orphans’ Court", by Bernice J. Koplin, of Schachtel, Gerstley, Levine & Koplin, P.C.
  • "Ethics Column", by Paul C. Heintz, of Obermayer, Rebmann, Maxwell & Hippel, LLP
  • "Tax Update", by Joan Agran, of McCausland, Keen & Buckman
When I first found the Newsletter's link last week, I wondered: Did that section of the Philadelphia Bar Association intend to make it public?

I contacted that section's current chair,
Kathleen A. Stephenson, Esq., of Pepper Hamilton LLP, in Philadelphia. We talked, and then she confirmed in an email message: "The section is pleased to make a link to its newsletter available to a greater audience."

If you are interested in making a contribution to that
Newsletter, contact section member Robert H. Louis, Esq. (, of Saul Ewing LLP, in Philadelphia.