Friday, February 15, 2008

"Seniors Helping Seniors" in Reading & Beyond

I recently exchanged email messages with Alan Shirk, who does promotional work for the very worthy organization Seniors Helping Seniors, based in Reading (Berks County), PA.

He sent me a press release, dated February 7, 2008, entitled "Non-Profit Seniors Helping Seniors® Delivers More Than 16,500 Hours of Service in Reading and Berks County in 2007" (PDF) that describes the work of this organization among senior citizens:

Seniors Helping Seniors®, the non-profit organization that matches seniors who offer services (providers) with seniors who need them (receivers), provided more than 16,500 hours of service in Greater Reading and Berks County during 2007, about a 20 percent increase over 2006.

Seniors Helping Seniors
, established as a non-profit organization in Berks County in 1998, provided nearly 13,000 hours of service in 2006 and 11,000 hours in 2005, according to SHS founder Kiran Yocom.

The success of
Seniors Helping Seniors, which has helped hundreds of seniors in Berks County, led to the establishment of a national for profit Seniors Helping Seniors companionship/caregiving organization that has grown to include almost 30 franchise partners in 10 states.

"The need for our services for seniors and their caregivers continues to grow rapidly," said Yocom. "Not only is the seniors population increasing, but also more and more seniors are determined to remain independent and in their own homes. It's a much better alternative to being in a long-term care facility and helps reduce healthcare costs."

Seniors Helping Seniors
, offers non-medical services such as companionship, homemaker help, personal care, overnight care, transportation, yard work and home repairs. * * *

She added that the group's vision is to be the first place seniors in need of non-medical services to remain living in their homes call for assistance and to be the first place seniors seeking to supplement their incomes call for opportunities.

More Press Releases and "Great Stories" are available on the Seniors Helping Seniors website.

This organization expects its activities to increase as its target population of elderly folks continues to age and expand:
Seniors Helping Seniors will grow steadily within the next couple of years.

With the significant increase in the 60+ population projected to 18-25% of the population by 2010, the organization will be able to provide many more hours of service to those in need and recruit many more people who gain joy and additional income from delivering these services. * * *
If you are interested in participating with this organization, investigating its services, or even starting a similar center elsewhere, visit the Seniors Helping Seniors website or make personal contact (Ofc: 610-927-2778).
"The mission of Seniors Helping Seniors is to provide seniors with the ability to choose an independent lifestyle in their own homes, for as long as possible, with the dignity and respect they deserve by finding caring seniors to help each other."

-- Kiran Yocom, Founder & Executive Director
Seniors Helping Seniors