Wednesday, February 13, 2008

S.A.G.E. Serves Bucks County, PA

In the February 2-8, 2008 electronic newsletter from Coming of Age, there is an short entry entitled "The SAGE Way to Make a Difference".

Senior Adults for Greater Education (S.A.G.E.), a Coming of Age partner, has provided a vehicle for 50+ers to devote their time and talents and meet new people, while helping children be successful at school. S.A.G.E. has more than 150 people 50+ working in three school districts in Bucks County.

Recognized with a national award by the Points of Light Foundation, S.A.G.E. offers many options to connect with students and help them see the light. * * *
S.A.G.E. is described on its website by its basic mission statement:
Senior Adults for Greater Education, a non-profit 501 3 (c) organization, recognizes the wisdom of older adults and integrates their contributions into the school community in a variety of intergenerational activities for the mutual benefit of youth, seniors and the community.
This mission is further described in the context of connecting generations:

S.A.G.E. believes that through intergenerational programs all involved will learn from and about one another, dispelling existing stereotypes.

S.A.G.E. offers a variety of commitment levels: For those who can volunteer weekly the opportunities are plentiful and diverse. Such activities include, but are not limited to: helping a child read, reading to a child, reviewing math facts, editing writing assignments, assisting students who are below grade level to achieve proficiency on State mandated tests, helping English as Second Language students.

S.A.G.E. also offers episodic volunteering events for those who do not yet want, or cannot offer, a weekly commitment. Some examples of these types of events are: working at a booth at the school fair, chaperoning a trip, being a guest lecturer on a specific topic of interest, being interviewed by students, helping with community service projects. * * *
Coming of Age had noted the S.A.G.E. program in a 2005 article entitled "In Bucks County, Things are Getting Very... Intergenerational!"

Such senior service organizations are springing up all over Pennsylvania. On Friday, I'll mention another -- Seniors Helping Seniors, located in Berks County, PA.