Monday, September 10, 2007

PBA Elder Law Section's Fall, 2007 Newsletter

In late August, 2007, the Elder Law Section, of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, issued its semi-annual Newsletter (Vol. 6, No. 2), containing thirteen articles or notices, to its members.

For a limited time, that issue was made available to non-members and to the general public on the PBA website
here, in PDF format (26 pages), for viewing or download.

The contents of the Fall, 2007 PBA Elder Law Section Newsletter are set forth on its first page:

  • Message From the Chair: The Elder Law Lawyer, by Leslie Wizelman, as Chair of the Section (pp. 1-2)
  • Elder Law Institute Celebrates its 10th Anniversary, by Carolyn L. Wepfer & Barbara K. Thornton, of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (p. 2)
  • Contact the Editors, by Robert C. Gerhard III, as Newsletter Editor (p. 2)
  • Pennsylvania SeniorLAW Helpline: A Valuable Service for Vulnerable Seniors in Pennsylvania,”
    And a Unique Pro Bono Opportunity for Elder Law Practitioners
    , by Sue Wasserkrug, of the SeniorLAW Center (pp. 3-5)
  • Pennsylvania’s Top Five Elder Law Cases of the Year, by Robert Clofine (pp. 6-8)
  • PA Elder Law Section Leadership List (p. 19)
  • Elder Law Numbers Quick Reference (effective as of 07/01/07), by Robert C. Gerhard III. (p. 20)
  • Improving the Social Security Representative Payee Program, by Neil Hendershot (pp. 21-22)
  • What is a POLST?, by By Jeffrey A. Marshall (pp. 23-24)
  • On the Practice of Elder Law, by Kathleen M. Martin (p. 24)
  • Divorce and the Elderly, by Stephanie Little (pp. 25-26)
  • Help With Your PBA Listserv (p. 26)
The Editor of the Newsletter, Robert C. Gerhard III, of Glenside, PA, commented about this issue of the PBA Elder Law Section Newsletter:
Thanks to the Section members and others who contributed to this newsletter. It would not be possible without your help.We are sure you will agree that the newsletter is one of the most valuable benefits of membership in the Section.

We need your help to continue providing this high-quality resource. Please contact the editor with your offerings for publication, your request to be involved and with any suggestions in general:
Robert C. Gerhard III, Editor
Gerhard & Gerhard
222 S. Easton Rd., Suite 104, Glenside, PA 19038-3918
(215) 885-6785
If you are not a PBA Elder Law Section member, then read or download this issue of its Newsletter quickly.

After a "reasonable" time, this issue will be moved away from public access and into that Section's "members-only" archive, to join predecessor newsletters published by that Section during the prior five years.

Again, the
Fall, 2007 PBA Elder Law Section Newsletter can be accessed online here (until removed).