Monday, September 17, 2007

"Boomer Moments" on NPR

National Public Radio mentioned the maturing "boomers" again today, September 17, 2007, in a Digital Culture spot, entitled "Social Networking Sites for Boomers Blossom".

Morning Edition, September 17, 2007 · New social networking Web sites vying for screen time are targeting the older set. These sites are aiming to grab the attention of people who find that joining or feels like crashing their kids' party.

The gist of the audio article is that the aging "boomer" generation is healthy, active, social, technologically attuned, and relatively wealthy. These characteristics attract marketers to its members.

These marketers include the creators of online social websites, like Myspace and Facebook, which have been promoted to a younger set. Hear also, Social Networking on the Web Grows Up (Jun-27-2007), on NPR's "Talk of the Nation".

NPR has featured other activities -- some offbeat indeed -- of the "boomer" generation in segments broadcast recently on its "Talk of the Nation" series.

Rather than having a "senior moment", try having a "boomer moment" in a new activity:

  • Can Exercises Help Us Hold On to Our Memories? (Sep-03-2007)
  • Doctors tell us to exercise our bodies, but what about our brains? Crosswords are said to help with memory, and new video games promise to give your mind a workout. Does any of it work?
    • A List of To-Dos Before You Die (Aug-28-2007)
    • Life lists are becoming more popular as Americans seek meaningful ways to spend their time, energy and money. Aspiring artists, sky-divers and travelers are increasingly putting their life goals down on paper — and on the Internet. List-makers say that "To do before you die" lists have changed their lives.
    • Tattoos No Longer Reserved for the Rebellious (Aug-02-2007)
    • Tattoos were once a signature mark of the disaffected and dangerous, but in recent years, body art has moved into the mainstream. Guests and callers discuss how tattoos became trendy, and whether employers need to re-think their policies about visible tattoos in the workplace.