Monday, July 30, 2007

Another PA Estate Planning Blog

Mark E. Jakubik, a sole practitioner in Philadelphia, PA, began his "Pennsylvania Estate Planning Blog" on July 3, 2007. He made consistent postings throughout this month.

This blog focuses on "estate planning, trusts & estates, probate & related litigation".

Mark also authors another blog, the "
Pennsylvania Family Law Blog", which he began last year, in November, 2006. Mark describes that blog as "a discussion of family law issues".

In his
biographical information on that blog, Mark describes himself & his method of practice:

I am also what noted blogger Chuck Newton has labeled a “Third Wave Lawyer” - I practice primarily from a home office, utilizing the latest technology to handle my clients matters in the most timely and efficient manner possible. My office arrangement enables me to provide my clients with maximum flexibility, as well as cost efficiency.
Mark's address is not highlighted on either blog, but it is available through a West resource listing: 7715 Crittenden Street, Philadelphia, PA ( Phone: 215-242-4756; Email:

As we can see from his email address,
Mark uses a "Mac" computer. Apparently, he loves it. See: "Does Anyone Use A Mac In The Law Practice?", posted on the American Bar Association's listserv for its Solo Practitioner Section. The responses to his inquiry were very supportive. Those replies would be useful to other lawyers who use Apple computers, not the standard Windows PCs, in their practice.

For his PA EP Blog, Mark scans online sources, then reports interesting material. He links to other blog postings and news articles often.

Mark presently lists seven "customized" links on his PA EP Blog (before his site provider lists their mandatory umpteen other sponsored blog sites); and this Blog is one of them. In return, I added his blog site to my listing.

Good luck, Mark, in your two blog endeavors!

Update: 07/30/07:

Mark & I exchanged email after my posting about his new PA EP Blog. Then he kindly posted a note of recognition, entitled "
Thanks to Neil Hendershot".
Neil Hendershot, who publishes the Pennsylvania Elder, Estate and Fiduciary Law Blog, was kind enough to put up a post about this blog earlier today. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Neil for his kind words, and also for publishing a blog that is a tremendously valuable resource for anyone who either practices trusts and estates law in Pennsylvania, or who has any interest in the field. Neil's blog is the gold standard, and I urge anyone who reads this blog to make Neil an every day read.