Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Estate Attorney Blogger in PA

Attorney Charles R. Goerth, of Exton, PA, began posting blog entries onto his sole practitioner website on February 23, 2007. Since then, he has posted his thoughts frequently on estate planning and elder law topics, some peculiar to Pennsylvania.

According to his website, Charles wrote professionally before practicing law.

Prior to embarking on the practice of law I was a publisher and editor of several small business and professional magazines. I combined law and business for a number of years through business journalism. I wrote a column called “The Legal Impact” for a business magazine in Chicago. * * *
Since October, 2004, Charles wrote a newsletter in conjunction with his law practice, which he began upon his transplantation from Illinois to Pennsylvania for family reasons. He distributed it in paper form monthly -- most recently to a mailing list of approximately 750 recipients.

In recent email exchanges, he told me that he converted all prior newsletters (Oct, 2004 - Nov, 2006) into web postings, and then embarked on "blogging" as a replacement for his newsletter. His newsletter archive, with an index of content of each issue, is found online here.

Of the postings made by Charles since late February, 2007, I find these the most interesting:
Charles was the teacher of three, eight-week courses for adults held at the Chester County Night School, focusing on personal legal documents, such as a Last Will and advance care directives. These are workshops for his ideas in practice.

I first met Charles on March 21st, at the Montgomery Bar Association building. I had completed a 1 1/2 hour "Act 169 -- Advance Health Care Directives" presentation, made jointly by me and by elder law attorney Harris J. Resnick, Esq., to 85 lawyer-members. Charles mentioned that session in his March 23rd posting, when he considered how to address the provisions of Act 169 for his clients and students.

I wish Charles all the best as he writes his personal views publicly on topics encountered in his practice.

Update: 01/02/08:

On January 1, 2008, Charles suspended writing his blog, hopefully temporarily. His posting on that date entitled "
Blog is taking a leave of absence -- Or, after 113 postings Blog and I need a rest" indicated his reason:
I have decided that as a result I haven’t done justice to my practice, to my Blog or to myself and family.

So, Blog and I are taking a leave of absence until I can organize my practice in a way to do justice to all three. * * *
I hope that Charles resumes his blog writing. His observations were incisive, witty, and practical.