Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AOPC.org is Dead; Long Live PAcourts.us! Very Tweet!

By September, 2012, the original Internet address of Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System -- www.aopc.org (which reflected the initials of the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts) -- will be deactivated.

Through the summer, that web address already had redirected users automatically to the updated PA Unified Judicial System (Court) website -- www.pacourts.us. But, beginning in September, that redirection will end.  Those links will be "dead".

Regular users should change the web address in browser “favorites” from www.aopc.org to the successor Internet address -- www.pacourts.us

Local court administrators should check their local court rules for any references to the www.aopc.org website, and revise them.  The statewide court rules were already revised to accommodate this change via technical rule amendments.

This change will require me, over an extended span, to revisit old blog entries and update AOPC links, or else those links will be useless.  (Yea, I really look forward to that process.)  In the future, all links on this Blog will relate to the new website address.

There is another noteworthy technological development involving Pennsylvania's courts.  Around June, 2012, AOPC began "tweeting" (via the Twitter online service) notices of proposed rulemaking by the PA Supreme Court's various rule committees. These "tweets" complement the Prothonotary’s past tweets as to actual rule amendments.

For those interested in following the rules committees' proposals when issued, the Twitter account is: @SCOPARules. A general “follow us on Twitter” link appears on the court rules committees’ web page, as follows:

Follow us on Twitter @SCOPARules to receive notification of proposed rulemaking from the rules committees. For the latest available Pennsylvania Supreme Court dispositional orders and opinions, please follow @SupremeCtofPAFor press releases and general information about the Court please follow @PACourts.