Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PA Courts' 2012 Calendars & Holidays

On December 27, 2011, the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania posted its chart of County Holidays for 2012 (PDF, 2 pages), which summarizes legal and operating holidays designated by counties for the various courthouses in the Commonwealth.  This is a most useful, even essential, chart.  It completes the posting of all Pennsylvania court calendars for 2012.

The chart appeared on the website for Pennsylvania courts, operated by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC), which increasingly offers online resources essential to interaction with the Commonwealth's legal system, as summarized in its Web Portal webpage:
The AOPC’s Unified Judicial System web portal site has recently been redesigned to provide more useful information in an easier-to-navigate format. All aspects of the site, including the look and feel and the technology upon which the site is based, were reprogrammed.
Both public and secure information is available on this site. Secure information is available through specialized e-services for users with a secure login. Approval for these services must be granted by a county clerk of court or district court administrator.
Listed below are some of the e-services available to users:
Some of these links are secured to specific groups of users in the court system or law enforcement, while other resources are made available publicly, such as the Public Calendar Schedule, explained on the website.

The AOPC website also lists or links calendars for Pennsylvania appellate courts and their support offices in 2012, as follows:
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania:
Superior Court of Pennsylvania:
Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania:
One more tip:  Attorneys licensed in Pennsylvania should create a personal account on the AOPC website to interact on law license matters.

Personalized AOPC accounts are also available to the pubic for informational purposes.