Sunday, January 16, 2011

"The Gran' Scam of Things"

The Gran' Scam of Things (2010) is a short fictional tale beginning with an email from Osagioduwa Williamson, a Nigerian banker, addressed to a senior citizen, offering her $16,000,000 if she would respond and cooperate. 

The fanciful comedy produced on video was written and directed by Leor Baum through Rooftop Mind Productions. The Internet Movie Database lists and describes the movie ("An elderly woman opens an email that leads her into the welcoming arms of an international crime ring."), as does Vimeo. Leor created a Facebook page for viewers to follow the film, and posted some production photos on Flickr. 

I first heard about Leor's project when I received, ironically, an email message from him on October 21, 2010.  He said, in part:
My team and I have put together a comedic, light-hearted film that we hope can spread a little awareness about elder financial abuse and online safety.
I discovered your blog and after reading more of your material, I felt compelled to write to you and share what I'm doing. I hope you can take a look. * * *
I did not act until now, since I wanted to make sure that . . . well . . . that it wasn't a scam. After all, I am concerned about scams.  See: EE&F Law Blog posting Talkin' SCAMS! (01/06/11). 

Now, with those validating references on the Internet, and with the online report of its funding and production completed, I acknowledge this creative, multimedia effort to educate, in a humorous way, about senior citizen scams and financial elder abuse. 

I watched the movie trailer and read two reviews online. The reviews are favorable. See:
  • The Gran Scam of Things, reviewed on Cinema-Crazed by Felix Vasquez Jr. (01/13/11): "Director Leor Baum's dramedy is a fantastic short that shows what happens when karma and fate plays a hand in an average woman becoming a hero and helping others in the journey for happiness. "The Gran Scam of Things" is a beautifully acted crowd pleaser and a socially conscious one at that."
  • The Gran' Scam of Things reviewed on Rogue Cinema by Duane L. Martin (01/01/11): "So how was it? Well, to put it simply, I LOVED this film, and my wife, who watched it with me, felt exactly the same way. There's a really nice sense of innocence to this film that you don't see too often, and it was fun from start to finish. What I found probably the most hilarious though were the fantasy scenes of Osagioduwa peeking around the side of a door on a sandy beach and then emerging with this giant 16 million dollar check and a big friendly smile on his face."
Given its short length and humorous approach, yet its very timely topic, The Gran' Scam of Things should offer good "movie night" viewing, particularly for seniors and their families.

Update:  2011-01-16 (Sun) at 6:30 pm: 

Leor responded to my posting with two email messages.  Here are portions of them:
I will try to keep you up to date as we apply to the film festivals and try to get this film seen by a wider audience. It would be nice to get a screening in PA someday down the line. * * *
I'll look into the PA festivals and if we can afford it, we will submit. It all depends on how much we can raise by the deadlines. Following the Kickstarter campaign, we've been offering gifts for anyone who helps us submit to the festivals:
If your readers want to contact me about the film, they can write to
The official website is if anyone wants to see more.