Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PA Aging Sec. Hall on "Graying of Pennsylvania"

On Monday morning, March 29, 2010, Pennsylvania's Secretary of Aging, John Michael Hall, spoke for an hour, live, on WITF-FM (Harrisburg, PA) radio's Smart Talk on the subject "The Graying of Pennsylvania."

I listened; and I recommend that anyone interested in the topic of an aging population in Pennsylvania should listen too. This is the link to listen on your multimedia computer.

The interview illuminates the vision of the Department of Aging in offering services more effectively to a changing and expanding population of those defined as "seniors," which is merging with those generally known as "disabled." The interview displays the talents, knowledge, and sensitivities of a Secretary of Aging, two years into his leadership role, who leads us into those changes.

During the interview, Mr. Hall referenced his testimony in support of the Department's pending budget request, presented before the House Appropriations Committee on February 24, 2010. See:
Testimony of John Michael Hall, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Aging, before the Appropriations Committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (PDF, 7 pp.). I recommend reading those remarks for the details of that pending vision.

He had opened those formal remarks by stating the Administration's goal and vision:

* * * Governor Rendell and I continue to work toward making Pennsylvania the best state in the nation in which to grow old or live with a physical disability.

The focus of the Department of Aging and the Office of Long-Term Living is to enable older Pennsylvanians and adults with disabilities to live with dignity and independence in settings they prefer. * * *
That sounds like a nice place to be when you are growing older.