Thursday, July 09, 2009

"Creativity" in Elder Law Promoted

The Elder Law & Consumer Protection Clinic at Penn State/Dickinson Law School issued the Summer, 2009 issue of its newsletter, Adventures in Law and Aging (PDF, 4 pages), with the theme of "creativity" in addressing elder law issues in Pennsylvania.

This is the Table of Contents of the Summer 2009 Newsletter:

  • GUARDIANSHIP REFORM: The Need for Creative Approaches to Fiduciary Support, by Professor Katherine C. Pearson, Director, Elder Law & Consumer Protection Clinic (p. 1)
  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: CREATIVITY IN PRACTICE: The Blogging Attorney, by Brian W. Mains, Certified Legal Intern (p. 1)
  • CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: Designing a Progressive and Innovative Older Adult Transportation Alternative, by Tatyana Chigirinsky, Certified Legal Intern (p. 2)
  • A NEW CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: AARP’S Legal Services, by Abby Warren & Christina Bonne-Anne, Certified Legal Interns (p. 3)
  • Hot Summer Events in Law & Aging (p. 4)
The second article is about blogging by a lawyer -- specifically about this PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog and its Dickinson School of Law (Class of 1976!) alumni blog author (me).

I had talked on the telephone for over an hour with third-year law student Brian Mains, in March, 2009, but heard little until Katherine Pearson sent an email with a PDF of the newsletter containing his published article.

Brian translated and organized my comments well. He captured the spirit of what I tried to convey to him, just as I try to convey it to students in my elder law classes: The practice of elder law requires passion and compassion, as well as solid legal skills, advocacy, and creativity.

But the article, which focused on this Blog, also jolted me. Lately I have not written postings as I should, despite so many developments affecting the senior population.

So, I'll stoke up my passion again, and post more. 'Nuff said.