Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PBA Elder Law Newsletter (Spring, 2009) Available

In May, 2009, the Elder Law Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association issued its semi-annual Newsletter, Vol. 8, No. 1 (PDF, 31 pages), containing fifteen articles or notices, to its members.

For a limited time, that issue is available publicly on the PBA's website
here, in PDF format for viewing or download.

The contents of the Spring, 2009 PBA Elder Law Section Newsletter are set forth on its first page:

  • Pennsylvania Proposes Expansion of Medical Assistance Estate Recovery (p. 1) by Katherine C. Pearson, Section Chair
  • Section Leadership List (p. 2)
  • 12th Annual Elder Law Institute Takes Place in Hbg. in July (p. 2), by Sally Schoffstall
  • Pa. Legislature May Adopt “Suitability Standard for Sale of Annuities” (p. 3), by Dana M. Breslin
  • PBA Recommendation and Report: Proposed Expansion of Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program (p. 4), submitted by Katherine C. Pearson as Chair, Elder Law Section
  • Elder Law Numbers Quick Reference (p. 6), by Robert C. Gerhard, III
  • Medicare 101 for Attorneys (p. 7), by Kathleen M. Martin
  • Binding Arbitration Agreements: A Hidden Minefield in Powers of Attorney (p. 9), by Martin S. Kardon
  • Elder Law Section Web Site is New and Improved (p. 10), by Robert DeLong, Jr.
  • Help with Your PBA Elder Law Section Listserv (p. 12), by Traci Raho
  • The Curious Case of the Persistent Step-Up (p. 13), by John Payne
  • Advance Care Planning After Act 169 (p. 18), by Jeffrey A. Marshall
  • Elder Law Case Updates (p. 21), by Robert C. Gerhard, III
  • Legislative Report (p. 24), by Steven Loux
  • Contact the Editors (p. 31), by Robert C. Gerhard, III (Editor), and Ellen Wase & Julian Gray (Co-Editors)
This issue of the Section's Newsletter will be available only for a limited time.

Get it now. It is a blockbuster issue.