Friday, December 12, 2008

"Taxgirl" Blog Featured by ABA Blawgs

The American Bar Association Journal's Blawg Directory today features the Taxgirl blog written by a Pennsylvania attorney -- Kelly Erb, Esq., of Philadelphia.

Her commentaries, updates, and generic advice about tax matters draw such national attention.
In fact, she is on the
ABA Journal's second annual list of the 100 Best Legal Blawgs (you can vote for her blog's position on that list here).

Separately, Kelly often posts responses to tax-related inquiries posed on the
Probate & Trust Law Listserv, operated by members of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association; and so her name is familiar to me as a knowledgeable tax attorney.

In delivering "tax news, tax info and tax policy" -- which normally is bland and boring -- to readers of her Blog, she brings an upbeat, wry writing style that dulls the pain and gooses the juices. Her personal views often shine through, both in her selection of materials and in her commentaries about tax topics.

Kelly also represents the
newly-wired practitioner, who is connected & available not only through fax and email (as are most attorneys), but also through her personal profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Skype.

Her blog represents a new manner of presentation for a specialized, practicing lawyer, who reveals much about her personality, preferences, and lifestyle as a real person, not as an icon or a "suit."

Characteristically open, she invites readers of
her TaxGirl blog to submit inquiries for response: "Have a tax question? Don’t know where to turn? Ask the taxgirl!"

My question would be: "
Kelly, how do you find the time to do all this while practicing law and mothering three kids?"

By whatever means or magic she does it all, I, as one of her peers, am proud that she practices in Pennsylvania.