Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PBA RPPT's Summer 2008 Newsletter Issued

On September 19, 2008, the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section released its most recent bi-annual Newsletter (No. 65, Summer 2008) for members. At 72 pages, this issue is the longest ever published by the Section.

The contents of this issue of the
Newsletter include:

  • Report: From the Section Chair (p. 1, by Jill R. Fowler)
  • Photo Gallery: RPPT Section Annual Meeting, June 4-5, Hershey (p. 2)
  • Report: Vice-Chair, Probate & Trust Law Division (p. 4, by Bridget M. Whitley)
  • Report: Vice-Chair, Report, Real Property Law Division (p. 5, by William “Chip” Mackrides)
  • Update: Recent Developments in Probate & Trust Law (p. 7, by Stanley J. Lehman & Cynthia K. Rarig)
  • Announcements: List of Upcoming Courses from PBI, and PBA Midyear Meeting (p. 10)
  • Update: Recent Legislation (p. 11, by Steven Loux, of the PBA Staff)
  • Article: PA Uniform Trust Act Amendments -- SB 1203 (p. 19, by Daniel B. Evans)
  • Article: Reformation for Mistake Under Uniform Trust Act (p. 21, by Daniel B. Evans)
  • Article: Realty Transfer Taxes -- New Regulations Do Not Stand Scrutiny (p. 23, by Daniel B. Evans & Anna O. Sappington)
  • Article: Realty Transfer Taxes -- New Regulations Would Tax Assignments of Purchase Agreements (p. 25, by Harris Ominsky)
  • Article: New Realty Transfer Tax Regulations Raise a Ruckus (p. 27, by By Philip B. Korb)
  • Article: Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors Published (p. 29, by Neil E. Hendershot)
  • Article: IRS Proposes Final Preparer Penalty Regs (p. 30, by Neil E. Hendershot)
  • Article: Firefighters, First Responders and Free Wills (by p. 32, by Neil E. Hendershot)
  • Article: Evans’ Book on Estates Practice Updated (p. 33, by Neil E. Hendershot)
  • Article: PBA RPPT Section Honors Chief John Murphy (p. 34, Neil Hendershot)
  • Listserv Summaries: Probate & Trust Law Postings (p. 35, by Mark B. Hammond)
  • Listserv Summaries: Real Property Law Postings (p. 62, by Mark Hammond)
  • Roster: RPPT Section Leadership List (p. 70)
  • Roster: RPPT Committee List (p. 71)
I serve as the Newsletter's Executive Editor. Mark Hammond is the Assistant Editor, and Patricia Graybill, of the PBA's Publications Department, is Staff Editor.

Our Section's Newsletter has been, over the twenty-five years that I have edited it, a quality publication produced by Section members, with reliable and relevant content regarding this practice area.

This issue of the
Newsletter was mailed to Section members within the past few days, and was posted in PDF format in the Members Only area of the PBA website on September 19th for viewing and downloading.

However, unlike past issues, it will not be posted publicly right now. Last Friday during the monthly Section Leadership Conference Call, a new policy was adopted for online posting of Section newsletters, effective immediately.

The current Newsletter will not be available until six months after issuance, when it will be posted publicly until replaced by the next issue. All issues remain available to Section members in the Section's
Newsletter archives on the PBA website.

So, to get a copy now of the current
Newsletter, sign up to be a PBA RPPT Section member, or connect with an attorney who is.