Friday, August 29, 2008

"New Old Age Blog" per New York Times

On July 2, 2008, the New York Times added another entry to its index of sixty-five sponsored blogs -- one entitled The New Old Age Blog, written by Jane Gross. Her first posting was entitled "The Beginning of Something New" (07/02/08).

After one month in publication, a NYT Press Release, dated August 11, 2008, entitled " Introduces 'The New Old Age' Blog and Reader Forum on Caring for Aging Relatives in the Twenty-First Century," described the new blog based on posting made:

The new blog, written by Jane Gross, offers advice from professionals, personal stories and vital information as the first of the nation’s 77 million baby boomers reach 60 and must consider elder care options for their parents.

The New Old Age further examines the financial and emotional strain of caregiving, the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid, the struggles of career and the challenges of role reversal that are of critical relevance as adults over 80 are now recognized as the fastest-growing segment of the population.

Ms. Gross shares her own experience of looking after her late mother, and shapes an open-forum discussion where readers may respond online.

The posts introduce tips on everything from how-to organize a medication list and daily regimen, to hot-button issues such as when and how to confiscate car keys or manage the uncharted emotional landscape ahead; to topics unique to 21st century seniors, from negotiating the confounding and ever-changing terms of medical coverage to fears of being marginalized in a nursing home.
* * *
The Press Release noted other aspects of the New Old Age Blog, which include:
  • Q and A opportunities with a roster of guest specialists.
  • Content from the Times Health Guide, a comprehensive source for information on over 3,000 diseases, conditions, tests, injuries and surgeries.

  • Senior Housing Locator tool, powered by SNAP for Seniors, giving readers the capability to search for senior housing such as nursing homes, assisted living, independent living, hospices, home care and retirement homes across the country.

  • Resources on aging and caregiving with information, tools and links to organizations around the Web.

  • Articles from the Times’s archive and a list of other health-related Times articles.

Due to its sponsor and the reputation of its author, this new blog was noticed immediately by other bloggers and by organizations involved in aging issues:
My Internet searches report that, since its inception, this new blog has been cited often, too.

No wonder.
The writing is crisp; the attitude, humble; the graphics, verdant; the detail, extensive; and the topics, relevant. Her posts, which occur every few days, read & present like slick magazine articles.

The NYT reported that, during the first month of publication, more than 2,700 comments were posted by readers, who expanded Jane's points, shared personal stories, and offered additional resources. Jane replied to many of these comments.

The New Old Age Blog educates, ponders, and comforts. Jane Gross and her publishing company are creating a wonderful resource online; and I recommend it.