Tuesday, July 08, 2008

PA's "2020 Vision Report" Issued

On June 26, 2008, the Pennsylvania Department of Aging announced release of the Pennsylvania 2020 Vision Report" (PDF, 20 pages). The 2020 Vision Report, which is also available in a "short form" (PDF, 10 pages), "explores challenges and opportunities the Commonwealth will face in the coming years as our population ages."

A DoA webpage about the Pennsylvania 2020 Vision Report introduced it:

By the year 2020, one in four Pennsylvanians will be over the age of 60, and, for the first time, the percentage of the population over age 65 will equal the percentage under age 15.

To prepare for the changing demographics, Governor Edward G. Rendell issued an Executive Order in June 2006 charging the Department of Aging with bringing together state agencies and other groups to strategize about how to meet future challenges and opportunities.

At the direction of Secretary of Aging Nora Dowd Eisenhower, this multi-agency project led to the creation of the Pennsylvania 2020 Vision Report which outlines the efforts currently underway, as well as future initiatives the commonwealth will undertake to improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.

The report focuses on four major areas:
  • health care and wellness;
  • workforce and education;
  • housing and transportation; and
  • energy and environment.

For further background & links about Pennsylvania's 2020 Vision Project, see: PA EE&F Law Blog postings PA's "2020 VISION" Project: Part I (02/22/07) & PA's "2020 VISION" Project: Part II (02/23/07).

A Press Release, dated June 26, 2008, entitled "Governor Rendell says '2020 Vision Report' Outlines Challenges Facing State Government as Pennsylvania's Population Ages" included a quote about the 2020 Vision Report from Pennsylvania Secretary of Aging, Nora Dowd Eisenhower:
“This report creates a strategy for the anticipated dramatic growth of the older population, as well as identifying new programs to help meet the future challenges Pennsylvania faces as a result of its changing demographics,” said Nora Dowd Eisenhower, secretary of Aging.

“By planning ahead, we can ensure that Pennsylvania continues to provide a supportive environment for older adults to live, work and enjoy their later years.”
The Press Release indicated that "Pennsylvania is preparing for the future in a number of ways":
  • [Expanded] energy production and technology sectors [will] create over 35,000 jobs;
  • An average of $946 million will be spent per year over the next decade on mass transit and road and bridge projects;
  • New educational and training programs will be created in economic high-risk areas;
  • English language classes will be enhanced;
  • Nutritious meals will be delivered to seniors’ homes, vouchers for fresh produce will be available; and
  • Long-term living options will facilitate the ability of seniors and other people with disabilities to choose where they receive services.
Again, the full 2020 Vision Report can be accessed here; and the short 2020 Vision Report, here.