Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Life After Life" Author in Interview Online

On April 6, 2008, a press release posted on PRWeb announced "Dr. Raymond Moody, Jr., M.D. To Appear On Your Mental Health Radio Talk Show". This interview with the well-known author of the 1975 book, Life After Life, will be broadcast online through Blog Talk Radio on Thursday, April 10th, beginning at 6:00 pm.

Dr. Raymond Moody, Jr., M.D., will be a guest on the radio talk show Your Mental Health on Thursday , April 10, 2008 at 6 PM EST.

The show is aired live and callers are invited to call in to ask Dr. Moody questions pertaining to his work on near-death experiences (NDE's), grief and loss. The listener call in number for the show is (347) 838-9159.

Dr. Moody is a Best-Selling Author of eleven books including Life After Life -- which has sold over 13 million copies world wide -- and Reunions, as well as numerous articles in academic and professional literature.

Dr. Moody continues to capture enormous public interest and generate controversy with his ground-breaking work on the near-death experience and what happens when we die. * * *

Dr. Moody's official website and the press release, together present his roles as a physician, researcher, counselor, writer, & speaker on very advanced topics in medicine & psychology:

  • World-Renowned Scholar and Researcher. Dr. Moody is the leading authority on the 'near-death experience'—a phrase he coined in the late seventies. Dr. Moody's research into the phenomenon of near-death experience had its start in the 1960's. * * *
  • Dynamic lecturer. Dr. Moody has enlightened and entertained audiences all over the world for over three decades. He offers many different lecture/workshop presentations on the topics of: Near Death Experiences, Death With Dignity, Life After Loss, Surviving Grief & Finding Hope, Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones, The Healing Power of Humor, The Loss of Children, The Logic of Nonsense, and Catastrophic Tragedies & Events causing collective grief response. * * *
  • Best-Selling Author. Dr. Moody wrote eleven books including Life After Life—which has sold over 13 million copies world wide—and Reunions, as well as numerous articles in academic and professional literature.
  • Featured Expert In the Media. Dr Moody has appeared three times on Oprah, as well as on hundreds of other local and nationally syndicated programs such as MSNBC: Grief Recovery, NBC Today, ABC's Turning Point, Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael Show, Geraldo, and The Joan Rivers Show.
  • Expert Trainer & Instructor. Dr. Moody trains hospice workers, clergy, psychologists, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals on matters of grief recovery and dying.
  • Private Counselor. Dr. Moody works as a practitioner of philosophic counseling, consulting on a private, individual basis — in person, by phone, or at the bedside of the dying.
  • Award-Winning Author. Dr. Moody received the World Humanitarian Award in Denmark in 1988. He was also honored with a bronze medal in the Human Relations category at the New York Film Festival for the movie version of Life After Life.

I would guess that most hospice workers, and many psychologists & counselors, have read Dr. Moody's ground-breaking book, Life After Life, or its progeny.

I read that book in paperback in the eighties. I attended a presentation by Dr. Moody perhaps ten years ago. I recommend both his books and his presentations as resources if you are intrigued by such inquiries.

Which topics will callers raise? If any of these topics interest you, or if you are fascinated by this explorer whose work popularized reevaluation of fundamental human phenomena, then I urge you to "tune in" via a multimedia-equipped computer for this interview.