Friday, June 01, 2007

Spring 2007 PBA RPPT Newsletter Issued

The Spring, 2007 issue (No. 63) of the Newsletter (48 pages) of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section, of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, was mailed on May 31, 2007, to Section Members. The Newsletter also was posted in the "Members Only" area of the PBA's website in PDF format (391 KB).

These are the contents of the latest
PBA RPPT Newsletter:

  • Reports:
    • From the Chair, by Daniel B. Evans, Section Chair
    • Probate and Trust Division, by Jill R. Fowler, P&T Division Chair
    • Real Property Division, by David E. Schwager, RP Division Chair
    • Nominating Committee, by Fred Clark, Former Section Chair
  • Announcement: RPPT Section Annual Meeting (on June 20-21, 2007)
  • Updates:
    • Recent Legislation, by Steve Loux, PBA Legislative Counsel
    • Upcoming Events
  • Articles:
    • Real Estate Tax Exemption for Charities in Light of Alliance Home of Carlisle Case, by John DeLorenzo
    • Act 176: Contracts Under Seal & An Extended Statute of Limitations, by David E. Schwager
    • Revised Model Fiduciary Accounts: What You Should Know, by Eugene H. Gillin, with Mary Jane Barrett & Judge Calvin S. Drayer, Jr.
    • Disposal of Remains in Pennsylvania, by Neil E. Hendershot
    • Owners Beware: New Lien Law is Here, by Harris Ominsky
    • Notices of Trust Administration Under the Uniform Trust Act, by Daniel B. Evans
    • Survey Says . . . , by Neil E. Hendershot
    • Lender’s Foreclosure May Curtain Collection Against Other Collateral, by Harris Ominsky
  • Miscellaneous:
    • RPPT Section Listserv, by Neil E. Hendershot
    • Real Property Law from the Listserv, by Mark B. Hammond
    • Probate & Trust Law from the Listserv, by Mark B. Hammond
    • RPPT Committee List
    • Upcoming Courses from PBI
As Executive Editor of the Newsletter, I express gratitude on behalf of the Section to Editorial Assistant (more like an Editor Emeritus) Mark B. Hammond, and to PBA Publications Staff Editor Patricia M. Graybill, for their tremendous efforts on this issue of the Newsletter. I also thank our outgoing Chair, Dan Evans, both for his contributions to, & his support of, the Newsletter.

If you are a lawyer not already a member of the PBA's RPPT Section, we urge you to join. You'll obtain the benefit of the semi-annual newsletters, the two active email listservs ("Probate & Trust" and "Real Property"), and participation in Section events & presentations.

I also extend an invitation for the submission of articles on P&T or RE topics for future issues of the Newsletter.

Wouldn't you be proud if your name would be included in the list of contributors set forth on the inside cover of the Newsletter? Contributors can cite to their articles as a mark of professional ability & service, and send PDF copies to clients & prospects. Your contribution would be good for you; and it would be good for the Section too. But don't expect royalties.

Please seriously consider this invitation anyway. Just pick a topic, then confirm your intentions by email addressed to one of us:
  • Executive Editor: Neil E. Hendershot (
  • Editorial Assistant: Mark B. Hammond (
  • PBA Staff Editor: Patricia M. Graybill (