Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gerhard's Revised Book on Medicaid in PA

On January 22, 2007, I received from Attorney Robert C. Gerhard, III, of Glenside, PA, a courtesy copy of the 2007 edition of his book "Pennsylvania Medicaid & Long-Term Care", published in December, 2006, by George T. Bisel Co., Inc., of Philadelphia, PA. The book is described online here.

Previous editions of Bob's book were published in July, 2004, & November, 2005.

This is Bisel's description of the book:

Written by certified elder law specialist Robert C. Gerhard, III Esq. this reference book is a “must have” for anyone advising seniors and their families. This essential guide explains how Medicaid is used to finance long-term care in Pennsylvania. No other text discusses Pennsylvania’s Medicaid rules in such detail. Precise citations are provided to applicable cases, statutes, and regulations.

The [2007] Edition of Pennsylvania Medicaid, Long-Term Care contains significant revisions in light of recently enacted law. Pennsylvania Medicaid law has changed in major ways, thus rendering the First Edition out-of-date and replaced by the new [2007] Edition.

Bob is one of a few highly-qualified attorneys in Pennsylvania who have applied their specialized knowledge to the writing of a legal textbook about a practice area that changes frequently.

His new edition reveals the fast-paced changes in the federal Medicaid program, and in this Commonwealth's administration of it, which affect seniors' long-term care needs. In Pennsylvania, these include Act 42 of 2005, which eliminated the "Hurly appeal" as a way to increase the spousal share, and Department of Public Welfare's Operations Memoranda, which periodically apply legal & policy changes to the program in our state. To track such changes, Rob continues to update his book through Bisel's subscription services.

There are some other dedicated, practicing, Pennsylvania author-attorneys whose publications guide other professionals -- and some sophisticated consumers -- in this Commonwealth on important personal & fiduciary legal matters. I will highlight others periodically. In this posting, I compliment Bob for his scholarship in this important legal area.